When you grow up in a large Irish Catholic family, you learn to laugh, to cry, and to sing.  I was an ideal candidate to become a therapist, as I was the caretaker for  everyone.   I became a nurse first, then went on to get a PhD. from  New York University.

This was the beginning of a long journey to find my own Celtic Roots, while looking at my own and others dreams.  Music rings in my ears all the time, which I attribute to the fact that I am the granddaughter of Irish immigrants.  I hear people sing when they speak, and frequently what they say becomes a song that stays with me all day.  This gift became a larger part of my life as I sat by the stream in our country home, and songs fell on the pages in front of me.  The Bardic tradition that ran in my veins took more and more shape.  The professional me was gradually shifting to a poetic and musical self.  I began to write songs for my clients, for advertising, and I joined ASCAP.  I sat with others in songwriting seminars and learned to hone the craft.  I found an amazing voice teacher, John Mace, who has helped me to recognize and value my own singing voice.  I have a wonderful group of people who have worked with me to arrange and produce demos, some of which are on this web page. (next column)


I have a dream to produce a woman’s musical, to give voice to the dreams that are emerging from the lives of women and men in today's world.  The Celtic Bards would travel anywhere, to courts and to clans, singing the songs they heard in the souls of people.  They carried a harp, sang from the heart, as  traditions lived on in them.
Carolann Joyce | Songwriter


In today's world someone has to sing from a deep well, from a long line of other voices who help us recognize the home we had before we were born.


It's always there ahead of us - an amazing place- so deep.

I invite you to find that home in yourself.  Give them to a friend who is struggling with life, use them to encourage yourself, and let me know if you want more! 

Wake up singing...

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